Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wild One


It's been almost 2 months since we celebrated Mateo's first birthday and since then, and as with everything, it was just another reminder of all of the support and love that's been shown to our litlte family.

We weren't even sure if we wanted to throw Mateo a big birthday party.
Some of the reasons: We know he'll never remember it. He isn't in need of tons of presents. Parties can be stressful/expensive to throw.

However, I am so glad that family and friends convinced us to do it. They also did a lot of the work! And though it was stressful and I had to let go of some details, at the end of the day, we were all able to celebrate his first year with us, our first year as parents, and the wild journey it was to get here.

With all of the running around at the party, I felt like it was really hard to just be in the moment. Thankfully I had two amazing photographers there to capture the moments that otherwise, would have just flown right by me. My two former students (both of whom I've had since they were in middle school) spent the day with us, celebrating, eating, and snapping away. (I had a handful of other students there and it was so awesome to see them at Mateo's birthday. They really love him and were a huge help.) I am forever grateful. Because even though he won't remember it, he'll have these pictures, and I'll be able to look back and get a sense of the sweetness and the joy of the day, that I may have otherwise missed.




A few weeks later we celebrated one more time with my Arizona family. We didn't want them to miss out on celebrating. I think by the second time around, Mateo had the hang of the singing and understood what cake is (even if it was applesauce cake).



Of all the words of advice that were passed on by other parents, “they grow up fast be sure to enjoy it”, kinda sums up this first year with Mateo. Those blurry days of AM feedings that I wished to be over are distant memories in the many milestones we have gone through with Mateo.
There are so many things that happen within the first year that it's difficult to reflect on.

Our job of parenting has been “easier” because our boy has been kind, joyous and loving. He has slowly been showing us his little personally. In particular, his joy of eating, dancing, and curiosity with dogs, planes and dirt.

His happy place.

First time in dirt.

I know we are being loving and giving him chances to explore and letting him know when to be nice. And if we continue to do that, I know this kiddo is going to turn out fine.   

In Venice Beach.

At his friends' first birthday party!

"Baby, there will always be a reason to celebrate you. In both big and small ways, the celebration and the gratitude will continue for a lifetime. I look back all the time, watching videos and looking at pictures of you from a year ago and sometimes from even further back, when you were still in Tina's belly. I have no idea how we got here so quickly, but it's been like a freaking magic show. I am completely entertained by you and everything you do absolutely amazes me."
---excerpt from a letter to our baby

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