Wednesday, June 7, 2017



Today, on Mateo's first birthday, I just wanted to share two written pieces that were created just for Mateo this year.

The first is a song that I heard my uncle Donny playing on the piano at my mom's. As always, the melody sounded beautiful and when I heard it, I actually thought it sounded like a theme for a character in a movie. I asked if the song had any words and this is what he shared with me:

~Mateo... Mateo... 
de da da da 
da de da  
Mateo... Mateo... de da

~Wherever you are around our Star
On the Earth or on Mars 
The love you'll find every time 
Is the love you take with you

:Mateo... Mateo...:

 And then my Godmother (my Tia Ana) wrote a poem, inspired after meeting Mateo for the first time. She's my dad's sister, and she's seen what miracles look like in trying times. Mateo is definitely our miracle.

Mateo Mateo cuando miro tu sonrisa en los √Āngeles yo creo
Y en tu inocente mirada, manantial de amor yo veo.
No se si eres estrella o eres Lucero 
O si simplemente eres el anhelado deseo
Aunque la certeza tengo cada vez que yo te veo
Que los milagros existen... Pues existes tu Mateo.

Their works completely melt my heart, knowing each word was crafted especially for him. 
Beyond grateful. Gracias. 

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  1. Love you sweetness! Can't wait to see you and kiss you at your first birthday party on Saturday! Xoxo


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