Monday, September 5, 2016

Special guest post by Tina


p/c: Every Little Bit Photography
It is so hard to put to words what an honor it has been to carry baby Mateo and help Erika and Luis along their parenthood journey. This journey for me has been amazing. Erika asked me a loooong time ago if I would be willing to make a guest blog entry and I absolutely loved this idea, but, I think this is like my third attempt to try. It is just so hard to put to words my experience.
I had always had the idea of being a surrogate in my mind, especially after being blessed with great pregnancy experiences. When I first began the conversation with my husband, Ricky, that I was seriously considering becoming a surrogate we talked about the reasons I wanted to be a surrogate and who we visualized helping.  I firmly believe God aligned our lives with Erika and Luis’ lives. We connected right away. It felt meant to be. We talked and we knew they were the ones we wanted to help. 
 Throughout out the entire process, my greatest anticipation was getting to watch Erika and Luis seeing their baby for the first time. Although, I didn’t get to experience this in person due to the circumstances of our emergency delivery, I was surprised about three weeks after the birth of baby Mateo, with a sweet video the nurse captured of Erika bringing out their baby boy to Luis.  And now I have to say, what is even greater than watching that video, is watching them enjoy and grow together as a family.
Erika and Luis, their entire family, and friends have been beyond generous and loving to me and my family, it is incredible. I am so thankful for all the love and support I received from them. I don’t think I could have found a better, more loving, or more deserving couple to have had the privilege to get to know and have a part of my life. 
To the Perales/Dominguez Family: 
Erika, Luis and sweet baby Mateo, I really have no words to thank you or express to you my gratitude for all you have done for my family. It has been such an amazing journey. May God continue to bless you and may your cup run over with love for one another.  It has been my pleasure to help make moms and dads: grandparents; sisters and brothers: aunts and uncles; but most importantly to help make a family for two adorable high-school sweethearts.

Here is the video mentioned above:

Meeting Mateo from Erika Perales on Vimeo.