Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ready or Not


I went into a quick panic at baby's 39th week. It hit me. We're going to be parents. And it can happen at any moment! Luis and I have been through so much in this lifetime together up until now and it's about to change. A completely new part of our life is about to start, and our old life (as we know it it pre-baby) is about to come to an end. It's not sad. It's just super surreal. I'm ridiculously excited to start this new chapter, it's just hard to wrap my head around it. Just yesterday someone said, "you almost don't even remember what that life was like...."
10 years ago

But today we're at 40 weeks. Today, June 5th, was baby's due date. It's pretty much come and gone, but I honestly feel that baby has just been waiting to make sure everything is totally ready for their arrival. Well, now we are definitely ready... as ready as we'll ever be.

carseat in!
(we had to take it out and do it again after this so it could go in the middle.
Me and Arlene took like an hour trying to do this by ourselves....)
Doll we took to our baby classes. 

NOT ready....

 And the AFTER...

Thank you to everyone who helped make this nursery possible. People who made, bought, and donated amazing
gifts for our baby's space. People who came by and helped clean, organize, and paint... you guys are amazing!
 It's better than I could have hoped for and we could not have done it alone.
Like a friend said today, " have a SOLID village."

We've taken a couple of classes and finished up the nursery finally! We've taken some time for ourselves and tried to get caught up on cleaning and rest (something I've heard there will be little opportunity for later....) We've had dinner dates and gone on walks with Tina. It's been a great week. But I think next week is going to be even better.

Ready to go! Come on baby! We wanna meet you!!!

"About a month ago I felt that absolutely nothing in the house was ready for you... now I feel like everything is starting to go at warp speed, but finally things are starting to come together. I know that our hearts are ready.... to meet you, hold you, love and cuddle you. We are so beyond ready for that."
---excerpt from a letter to our baby

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  1. I approve of the map theme. Congratulations!!


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