Saturday, March 5, 2016

When It Rains, It ...Floods


Back in 2011

            Wisdom is an ally you earn with age and nothing is sweeter than learning from your mistakes. About 5 years ago we had a flood, The Great Flood of 2011. Not from external forces but from an upstairs air conditioning pipe. It completely destroyed our ceiling, couch, dinning table, bookshelf, dry wall, our savings and our sanity. With no homeowners insurance we paid the price. However upset and disappointed we were, we got through it. We ended up with new floors, a new paint job and smaller more appropriate furniture for the space we have. I also was sure to add homeowners insurance to our monthly bills.
            Just after Valentines Day, that insurance was put to use. This time it was a slab leak. The vinyl flooring in the kitchen had filled with water. It felt as if you were walking in mud and the water would squirt up through the cracks. Having gone through this before, we knew that this would pass and we didn't need to waste time feeling sorry for ourselves.  Wisdom had taught us a difficult lesson that life happens, so we were flexible and just went with the flow.
            In times like this its great to know you have friends who know how to stay positive and supportive around you. Everyone has said, "At least it's happening now, before the baby gets here." And it's true. We have a healthy baby growing, who will be here in a few short months, and the new flooring will be ready for them to play on. And this time, we don't’ have to pay for it. 


        I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to focus and breathe lately. I know that things are going to get done. I know that it's a good thing this all happened now, and not when baby is here. But I do feel a tiny overwhelmed sometimes thinking about all we have left to do.
With the downstairs now being our priority, we've had to put the nursery on hold.  I'm here wondering...
Where are we going to put the baby?? 
I have been staring at paint chips and floor samples for about a month, slowly getting rid of even more stuff we had stored in that room. It's basically become a garage of sorts. So we've dumped and donated a ton of stuff in the last few months.
I've also sorted out all the baby clothes I have already and the portion of the closet that will belong to baby is totally organized now with the few items we've been given so far.

This is going to be for toys eventually, but right now I have all the clothes in here, organized by age.
I still have to wash them and hang them up. You're supposed to wash them first, right?

Poh is so ready for Baby. This pouf is the only thing he is going to be allowed touch.

Please don't eat all the stuff....
With all of these hurdles 2016 has placed before us, I'm always brought back to gratitude and hope. I'm reminded of how much loved ones come together in tough times and how even just our road to have a baby has involved so many people.  It doesn't just take a village to raise a baby. It takes a village to get through life. So, with that spirit in mind, this was a small thing I posted today, on the one year anniversary of my cousin's passing and also the day we first met Tina. 

It's been a year.
Every time I think of Key, I think of Strength, Beauty, Joy, Inspiration, Hope, and Peace.
On this same day a year ago we also met the person who is currently carrying and caring for our little one. She has become like family and her sacrifce is immesurable. She is also a woman of Strength, Beauty, and Joy, who has given us a sense of Hope, Inspiration, and Peace.

I pray that our little one will embody these same elements of life and have Key's spirit. 

With death, there is life.
With struggle, there is strength.
With hurt, there is healing.
With despair, there is hope. 

This day has taught me that.

"Good news, Baby. You're going to have a completely re-modeled house to come home to this summer! Though it wasn't necessarily part of the plan, it's a blessing in disguise. We're trying hard to get it ready in time for your arrival. However, we know that once you're here, none of this stuff is going to matter. All that will matter is that you're finally here with us." 

---excerpt from a letter to our baby


  1. Luis said it exactly right - re wisdom, man.

    I'm sorry about the flooring.

    Eri, I want to offer you peace. I will pray that you be given God's peace that surpasses all understanding. You can't forget to Breathe right now.

    I can so relate to the way you're feeling. 5 weeks before Mason arrived I was put on Bed Rest and I wasn't done with all the things, his room, organizing what I "needed" to - his crib was on back order from Costco- I had the exact same thought- "where is baby going to sleep?!?" And it stressed me out- and NOW I was on bed rest I REALLY couldn't do much towards the end goal.

    Then our upstairs neighbor had a leak and guess what? Our ceiling - donso. Or gorgeous dark
    Wood floors.. Donso.

    I was about to loose my damn mind.

    Guess what though Eri? Friends and family came in and helped organize, set up the crib and the celing and floors got taken care of as I was in labor in the hospital loloolo.

    Hey, it wasn't MY timing but it all worked out. ,)

    Be encouraged that it WILL work out and that (his?) room will get done but it isn't a critical space of stress for you right now.

    You know where he is going to sleep? In your arms. In your room. On your chest. On your bed. Or his rock and play. Or his swing...

    Honest he won't be in his own room for a while ;)

    You've got some time.

    That being said... How can we help? Can we come over and help with the baby's room? Put us to work!!

    Love you guys!!

    1. Crying... love you Aline. It's just so much all at once. But a friend today said something about all of our "lows" right now... but that some of the "highest highs" are about to come our way, so that is also super encouraging. Let's try to get some tea this week. <3


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